Lawyers: Time to Ignite Your Passion

After 25+ Years of Coaching hundreds of Lawyers over the years, I notice that many share common goals.

Many lawyers

  • Desire a full and enjoyable quality of life.
  • Are committed to excellent care and education for their children.
  • Have a strong desire to serve their clients.
  • Believe in their sense of purpose.
  • Want to experience success after much sacrifice and hard work.

Despite this higher calling, many of these dedicated lawyers lose their passion. They lose the enthusiasm they once enjoyed.

Here is an example of an attorney, who I will call Ruth.


What happened?

In the beginning, Ruth was on fire and excited to be a lawyer. She had excellent grades in law school, and a great firm hired her.

Because she was on a mission, Ruth had no problem working sixty to eighty hours per week. She loved her firm, her colleagues, and her job. Soon Ruth found the perfect husband. Life was good.

Over the years, Ruth’s passion and productivity began to fade.

Let’s fast-forward fifteen years.

Ruth is now just going through the motions. Easily irritated, she is on edge, bored, and overwhelmed. Many days she wonders why she became a lawyer in the first place.

What happened to Ruth? Along the way, she experienced setbacks at work. She did not receive the recognition she thought she deserved. She saw lawyers less qualified and who did not work as hard promoted. She felt like the male lawyers got the breaks and great mentors. Her practice was at a standstill.

(Note: After ten years, it is common for both men and women to find circumstances in their law practices that cause them to lose their zeal.)

Then, Ruth’s marriage was in trouble. She believed that her marriage was out of control. Ruth convinced herself that her husband was cheating.

Some days, Ruth felt trapped at work and home. Her mood swings between depression, anger, and apathy.

Here are five things Ruth indulged in that made her situation worse:

  1. She began drinking too much wine each day.
  2. She started to feel sorry for herself.
  3. She felt like a victim.
  4. She was continually frustrated and angry
  5. She was unfocused and was continually behind on her work.


When Ruth and I talked, she was about to file for divorce and quit her firm. She realized her options were limited without a book of business.

I gave Ruth an action plan. Before we could straighten out her life, she had to take these immediate actions.

  • She had to overcome her anger. Her rage was eating her up inside and affecting her family and law practice.
  • She had to cut down on the wine because it exacerbated her anger. It further alienated her husband, and the hangovers slowed down her productivity.
  • She needed to hire someone to clean her house regularly since she had let it get out of control.
  • We had to undertake a major clean-up of her files, cases and I helped her to get her practice organized.
  • She began to wake up early to have a morning routine that helped her learn to love her life and law practice again.
  • Ruth and her husband went to counseling and also began to have a weekly date night.


After a short time together, Ruth had an organized practice; she felt good about going into the office.

She began to exercise and had more energy. With her life on track, she stopped drinking a bottle of wine each evening and felt energetic and happy to be alive.

We also structured a marketing program. Ruth soon realized that she would be practicing law for at least another ten to fifteen years. She understood it was her job to bring in her own clients. Otherwise, she has limited options for her future.

Ruth said,

“Pamela, you are a ‘Lawyer Whisperer.’ I don’t think there is any problem that a lawyer has that you can’t help them out.”


  • If you want to increase your productivity and
  • Regain your enthusiasm and passion in your life and law practice.
  • Overcome Imposters Syndrome
  • Cultivate confidence
  • Build a book of business
  • Organize your law practice
  • Improve your focus and productivity
  • Make more money



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