Lawyers, Time to Free Yourself from Procrastination

Lawyers, Do You Know?

Procrastination can be caused by depression. These depressed feelings can cause a lawyer to try to be perfect, feeling like nothing is ever good enough. Between depression and perfection, they become paralyzed and unable to make any progress. Much has been written that lawyers are much more prone to perfectionism.

Lawyers are expected to act with reasonable promptness and diligence when representing a client. The same may be expected when it comes to the overall of their practice and life. With so much procrastination, the question is where is the balance?


Mason a husband and a lawyer worked for a prestigious law firm. But there was a glitch, Mason had problems procrastinating. He had a heavy caseload and always felt like he worked in a pressure cooker. He was feeling depressed and overwhelmed.

When Mason came to me, he said,

Pamela, I know that I have important tasks and deadlines to meet. But, I find myself getting distracted, and doing easier tasks. I get lost in my emails. Even my wife is tired; she says I never keep my word with her and that’s why she stopped making plans with me”.

Mason looked confused and felt lost. He asked,

Pamela what can I do? How do I become a better husband and still being focused at work?

Mason Overcomes His Procrastination

During our coaching calls on Zoom, Mason was able to be accountable to me:

  1. We began a “TO DO LIST”​ with only five items on it each day.
  2. He had to go over all of his caseloads and note key dates that required his immediate attention.
  3. He calendared all deadlines. He put his cases in order of deadlines and importance.
  4. We began a morning routine with emails, administrative tasks, and projects outside of his caseload. He updated his caseloads in the firm’s management system.
  5. He broke down each case into manageable tasks and listed each task and to whom he had assigned it.
  6. He recruited and began to delegate work at the beginning of the case, and we created a follow-up system to stay on top of the work others were doing for him.
  7. We began an accountability system, and I was able to help him to monitor his progress.
  8. We established a reasonable time to end his day to help him come into the office refreshed the next day.
  9. He made plans with his beautiful wife to go on vacation.

Mason’s Depression and Anxiety Lifted

Mason found a new sense of purpose. His depression and anxiety lifted. He also let go of his need for perfection and left the office at a decent hour. Mason felt healthier, began to take a daily walk finding a renewed enthusiasm for his law practice.

Mason Overcame his procrastination in his law practice and life and so can you!

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to stopping procrastination

Let your next action be a positive one.



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