Lawyers: Overcoming Impatience Will Increase Your Income

Lawyers, How Impatient Are You?

Do you remember when growing up and they say the word that patience is a virtue,

This can come into play when running your law firm and your life

The question is, how do lawyers manage all these without getting impatient. Many lawyers are impatient and live intolerance as a way of life. This impatience can ruin their lives.

Managing a law firm is not an easy task. Not only are you dealing with the expectations of demanding clients, but you are also handling the financial, ethical, and administrative demands of keeping your law office up and running.

Attorneys, especially in BigLaw might find themselves living, breathing, waking up, and eventually going to bed thinking about their billable hours. These lawyers live to rush. They are always in a hurry! It is easy for a lawyer to become a slave to impatience.


Here are some questions to discover whether impatience might be ruining your law practice:

  1. Do you regularly move about as quickly as possible because you feel you may be running out of time?
  2. Could you wait in line or in traffic without extreme frustration or even outbursts?
  3. Are you always thinking about your reply instead of listening to what others are saying?
  4. Do you usually multitask and move about so fast that you rarely pay full attention to your current task?
  5. Do you treat everything with a sense of urgency due to stress, anxiety, and worry about meeting deadlines?
  6. Are you on edge, often rude, sharp, or unkind to those around you?
  7. Are you unable to relax, believing that sitting down to rest means you are lazy?

You want to be able to run a successful law firm with much clarity and goals to accomplish by overcoming your impatience? Make the call.

When my clients come to me, I help them to achieve the following while slowing down and increasing their focus:

  • Increase their income while building a foundation for well-being in their law practices.
  • Organize and grow their law practice.
  • Incorporate easy-to-do rainmaking strategies.
  • Find peace of mind and regain their enthusiasm and love for the practice of law and life.
  • Focus on putting the joy back into their personal life.
  • Learn new tools to create harmony and passion in their relationships or marriages.
  • Implement practices to relieve depression, anxiety, burnout, and other mental health issues.

It is time for you to slow down and enjoy your life each day before it passes you by.




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