Lawyers, Addiction Could Ruin Your Practice

Lawyers, Are You Struggling?

Lawyers are known for their relentless effort of their work. But behind the mirage, they push themselves beyond limitations through alcohol, drugs, coffee, painkillers, or being persistent on their smart devices.

Working as a lawyer has unique challenges

There are the social hours

Time spent working on caseloads

Stress emotionally and mentally

Believing your only refuge is alcohol

A recent study conducted by the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation showed that a concerned percentage of lawyers and others in legal professions were suffering from addictions.


Matthew is a husband and a big-time lawyer when he knew he might have a problem with his addiction, his painkillers.

Matthew’s law practice was in shambles, and he had no idea how to catch up. Constantly being under pressure to meet deadlines and yet this chronic migraine won’t stop.

Facing so much pressure that always causes his chronic migraine, made him want to escape more into the arms of his painkillers which were obviously prescribed by his doctor. His painkillers had become his safe haven.

When Matthew came to me, he said,

Pamela, I can’t help myself! I just can’t do without them, they relax me”.

This has become a huge fight between Matthew and his wife.

He said, “My wife fears that one day I might slump and die due to so much consumption of painkillers. But what do I do? I have a deadline to meet, my work is what keeps us going in the family.”​

Matthew was almost in tears.

During our coaching calls, Matthew was able to achieve:

  1. Controlling his addiction by using his painkillers on doctor’s orders.
  2. Schedule his day to stay well-rested and able to sleep properly.
  3. Get more organized about his practice and balances his private life which stopped his chronic migraine.
  4. Attract new clients into the door and greatly increase his income.
  5. Practice healthy routine exercise.
  6. Have a good quality time with his wife.
  7. Improve his diet focusing on making his health a priority.

It wasn’t easy but with my help, Matthew learned to stop escaping, sorted out his practice, and began to enjoy his law practice and spending quality time with his wife.

Lawyers, what addiction are you battling with?

  • workaholism?
  • alcohol?
  • drugs?
  • overeating?
  • depression?
  • anxiety?



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