Lawyers: 3 Ways You Can Make A Comeback

Life happens to lawyers and solicitors like everyone else. Despite the demanding and stressful nature of practicing law, unhappy circumstances can occur.

Sickness, family problems, financial difficulties, and loss knock on the door. Solicitors face problems like anyone else. As if jumping hurdles, lawyers barely miss a beat in their law practices.

Meet Rick

LinkedIn is an excellent way to meet new people. The other day I met an owner of a medium-sized firm who I will call Rick. After looking at the website, I was quite impressed and congratulated him on his success.

Rick’s reply was that his firm was no longer successful. His brother, who was his partner in their law firm had died, and he also lost a big client. He sounded like he felt it was all over. I encouraged him the best I could over messenger.

2019–2020 Was A Stressful Year

I spend my life inspiring lawyers — solicitors, helping them keep their law practices on track. The law practice must go on. Profits must increase. I am there for them on a daily and weekly basis.

But talking with Rick, made me think about my life a year ago. One crisis after another occurred.

When loss or sickness happens back-to-back, it is easy to get discouraged. You may become despondent. You may want to give up. I heard Rick say his best days were over.

3 Ways To Make a Comeback

When I look back, three things helped me keep my business growing. They enabled me to continue my disciplines during a difficult time in my life.

  1. Tell yourself this is only temporary. When devastating life events happen, it is easy to think that this is forever. But, it is not. Hang in there.
  2. Take care of yourself by eating healthy, and also include drinking water. Go for a walk, relax and meditate to manage your physical health. Don’t use crutches like alcohol that only make matters worse.
  3. Don’t give up. Don’t allow yourself to become paralyzed. Talk with a friend; get support to help you keep perspective.

Life Happens for Lawyers & Solicitors Too

Yes, life happens to lawyers like everyone else.

Yes, practicing law is demanding and stressful. It is important for lawyers to get the support they need, during difficult times.



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