Being Sleep Deprived Lessen Your Productivity

Research has shown that over a third of lawyers and judges are failing to get a good night’s sleep.

Data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), states that 32.9% of lawyers and judges are working on less than seven hours of slumber.

Attorneys are known for their ability to thrive under pressure. Whether you are an attorney who helps corporations protect their interests in multi-million-dollar deals or individuals protect their rights in court, you likely manage a significant amount of stress and work. Too many lawyers are sleep-deprived. Can this predicament be cured?

Research has identified that sleep is important for memory consolidation, immune function, and endocrine and thermal regulation.

Dave, a father to three beautiful daughters and a senior partner in one of the top law firms, always finds himself sleepy every day, especially in the morning. Having to deal with meeting deadlines, high caseload, concerns about clients, and getting his billable hours complete.

When Dave came to me he said,

Pamela I can function after three cups of coffee, but I can’t seem to become productive until after lunch. I guess sacrificing my personal happiness was a by-product of being a good lawyer. To be honest, I barely know my children. But, isn’t this just a fact of life when one chooses to become a lawyer?

Dave frowned.

  • Get more organized about his practice and balances his private life.
  • Attract new clients into the door and greatly increase his income.
  • Practice health routine exercise
  • Schedule his day to make sure he is rested well and being able to sleep properly.
  • Cut down on his coffee intake.
  • Have a good quality time with his children.
  • Control his addictions to the news, his device, and television.
  • Improve his diet and focus on his longevity by making his health a priority.

Make rest and sleep, relaxation, and stress-relieving activities a priority and force yourself to schedule time for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

My goal is for you to be a healthy and happy lawyer, focused with clarity and vitality that will enhance your success to the top of your career. Don’t cut your life short by pushing and abusing your body. You deserve to be healthy enough to enjoy a robust law practice.



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