Pamela DeNeuve

Lawyers, Are You Struggling?

Working as a lawyer has unique challenges

There are the social hours

Time spent working on caseloads

Stress emotionally…

For some reason, lawyers who have one of the MOST DEMANDING careers feel like they should be able to handle it alone. But, there is something wrong with that thinking.

Interestingly, many lawyers will boast about taking a course in rainmaking. However, these same individuals notice that even though they…

Goals Can be good for us… and sometimes they can feel like a burden.

Once you decide what you want to accomplish…

Laughter The Best Medicine

Laughter is a positive sensation and seems to be a useful and healthy way to overcome stress.

Pamela DeNeuve

Pamela DeNeuve - Lawyer, Solicitor & Law Firm Strategist to Increase Productivity, Profits & Engagement

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