21 Habits That Can Sabotage Lawyers Productivity


On New Year’s, many lawyers join the rest of humankind, making and vowing to keep resolutions.

The excitement of renewal and hope is in the air. The new year marks a new beginning — another chance to get it right.


Michael was a perfect example. He set new goals every New Year. He says,

Over the years, I picked up an extra twenty to thirty pounds. My wife and doctor were constantly on my back. My doctor told me that I am at a greater risk for heart attacks. My wife just nagged me about my eating and drinking habits.”

Michael’s New Years Resolutions:

  1. Lose 15 pounds.
  2. Make more money
  3. Catch up on my backlog of cases
  4. Organize my desk at work
  5. Drink only on the weekends
  6. Go for a walk each day
  7. Drink more water
  8. Eat more vegetables
  9. Save for a great family vacation
  10. Pay off credit card debt
  11. Work on my marriage

Michael tells us about his New Years Resolutions

January 2nd was a big day. I knew things were going to change. I made myself get up early, put on my gym shoes, and go for a walk. I turned down bread, sweets, and beer. I asked my wife to fix a salad. I felt good, and my hopes were up. I didn’t have my nightly drink. I had bought a water bottle, and I kept it on my desk and drank throughout the day.”

By January 5th, I walked into my office, looked at all the papers everywhere. I kept moving the old files to another side of my desk. I was too busy to organize my office and workload. By lunchtime, I caved in and had a hamburger on a bun plus some fries with onion rings.

“Because I was busy, I forgot to drink water. That night my wife and I had an argument about a credit card bill. I said the heck with it! I poured myself a few drinks to cool down. One drink went into three or four, I went to bed and woke up with a hangover, which was the end of my New Years’ resolutions.”

I want to do it differently, but I can’t seem to change.”


Michael is not alone. As humans, it is difficult to change old habits. Let me explain about how our brains affect your ability to incorporate new habits into your life.

It is easier to cling to bad habits because we have centers in our brain that are immediately rewarded. We receive a hit of dopamine and other feel-good chemicals that reinforces our bad habits.

Over the past 25+ years, here are a few habits some of my clients have asked me for help with:

  1. Wasting hours Surfing the internet
  2. Spending hours watching the news
  3. Addiction to their smartphones and devices
  4. Procrastination, constantly postponing their goals.
  5. Feeling stuck living a mediocre life.
  6. Self-sabotaging behaviors one step forward, two steps back
  7. Running from their problems through distractions
  8. Worrying about their flaws and how others perceive them
  9. Trying to control everything through perfectionism
  10. Imposter Syndrome
  11. Blaming others, especially at work, Millennials vs. Boomers
  12. Trying to be something they are not
  13. Being a perfectionist, getting little done
  14. Arguing with spouses or relationships that compromise mental state & productivity
  15. Criticizing themselves or others
  16. Overeating
  17. Drinking too much
  18. Constantly worrying, feeling stress, or anxiety
  19. Smoking or drug addictions
  20. Other addictions
  21. The habit of staying up too late or oversleeping

Michael Strives For Excellence

Michael became sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. He messaged me and asked for a 10- minute meet and greet. He asked me for support.

I helped Michael to double his productivity and increase his income by 100%

Using my 12-Week Lawyer Accelerator Program, I helped Michael to:

  • Increase his income while building a foundation for well-being in his law practices.
  • Organize and grow his law practice.
  • Incorporate easy-to-do rainmaking strategies.
  • Find peace of mind and regain his enthusiasm and love for his law practice and life.
  • Focus on putting the joy back into his personal life.
  • Learn new tools to create harmony and passion in his marriage.
  • Implement practices to relieve his depression, anxiety.

Within only 12-Weeks Michael’s patience, he established a progressive and sustainable pace.

  1. He was able to overcome habits that had plagued him for years.
  2. He yielded tremendous results at work and at home.
  3. Michael hurdled the habits that were sabotaging his law practice one by one.

You, too, can build the law practice you have always dreamed of.




Pamela DeNeuve - Lawyer, Solicitor & Law Firm Strategist to Increase Productivity, Profits & Engagement

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Pamela DeNeuve

Pamela DeNeuve

Pamela DeNeuve - Lawyer, Solicitor & Law Firm Strategist to Increase Productivity, Profits & Engagement

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